Untrue rumours about MIU closure

I am very glad that Jackie Pendleton, NHS Kernow’s Chief Officer, speaking on behalf of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly health and care system, has acted quickly and robustly to dispute claims that there are plans to close Minor Injury Units (MIUs) in Cornwall.

Following a report published by Peter Levin, she has issued a response in which she says that to suggest to the public that their local minor injury unit is under threat of imminent closure is simply not true and is scaremongering which could cause unnecessary confusion.

In her statement, she explains that she has been asked by NHS England to indicate which of Cornwall’s current health facilities are closest to the national specification for an urgent treatment centre and have the potential to be designated by March 2018.

However she adds: “Absolutely no decisions have been made about the number and future locations of urgent treatment centres (formerly referred to nationally as urgent care centres) and any other community alternatives to the emergency department.”

I will be met with Jackie to discuss the matter further but my belief is that minor injuries units are essential and to close them would lead to poor patient care and poor economics.