Theresa May and a deal with the DUP

Whilst Theresa May did not win an overall majority (she fell just 401 votes from securing a further eight MPs – see today’s Telegraph page 5), ten MPs do not vote (7 Sinn Féin members and the Speaker and his deputies). A deal with the DUP is helpful but not essential for the PM to pass legislation. At this early stage it is unclear what formal relationship is intended between the Conservative Government and the DUP but my view is that concerns raised regarding people’s rights and the Northern Ireland Peace Process may be overstated. There is no will by parliamentarians to go back in time and Theresa has no need to compromise on these areas.


I have read the DUP’s manifesto and parts of the manifesto would be welcome by many who objected to the Conservative Manifesto.


The responsibility of Government is to take note of the recent election result and govern the country in the interest of everyone. I hope the election result forces all parliamentarians to be more determined to work together to address the challenges that face our great nation: to get a Brexit deal that is in the interest of the UK, to secure a healthcare system where the NHS can grow stronger and continue to provide the healthcare everyone needs when they need it, to provide the care and dignity everyone deserves in old age and ensure that every child gets the best start in life. The UK also has a significant responsibility in ensuring nations work together for peace and to build a global community that provides for those who need help. This can be achieved through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ( and we must not lose sight of these as we address the priorities above.


I’m committed to all of the above and will work with colleagues to focus on these priorities.


I include the link to the DUP manifesto as you may find its contents reassuring.
Derek Thomas

Member of Parliament for St Ives