PO services return to Newlyn

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas has welcomed the return of Post Office services to Newlyn next month as a “big relief” for everyone living in the port.

From 19th June, every Tuesday and Thursday, a mobile van will be sited in Barrons Square, next to the war memorial, from 9.30am to 3.30pm with an hour’s lunch break from noon to 1pm.

Newlyn lost their Post Office services early in the year, since when Mr Thomas, with local ward councillor Roger Harding, has organised a petition and, more recently, arranged a public meeting in Newlyn with Post Office managers.

“I am very grateful to the Harbour Commissioners for giving the Post Office Ltd permission to use the space opposite the Mission,” said Mr Thomas.

“The loss of a post office has been acutely felt in Newlyn and it is a big relief that a mobile van will be visiting two days a week from next month. I hope that this will give us breathing space while a more long-term and permanent solution is found.”