NHS Confederation Reception

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas says that making the best possible use of digital innovation is key to ensuring that we have a National Health Service that is fit for purpose.

Mr Thomas  hosted a Parliamentary reception on behalf of the NHS Confederation which attracted 130 guests including Health Minister Philip Dunne, NHS  trust chief executives and chairs, providers from across the NHS, MPs and wider stakeholders from the health and care sector.

The event saw Lorraine Galligan, from the Birmingham Community Trust, discuss the ‘Use of Technology to Support Staff Engagement’ and Chris Holt, from the Rotherham Foundation Trust, talk about ‘Innovative Data Sharing’.

Mr Thomas said: “Everyone has a different idea or viewpoint on how to get the best NHS that we can but there is something that unites us all.

“We all believe in the NHS, we all want our health system to diagnose as early as possible, we all want access to the best treatment available as quickly as possible and we all want the money to get to where it is most needed.

“The reality is that the full use of digital technology offers the best method for delivering these asks for patients.

“Digital innovation enables access to up-to-date accurate health records, enables improved management of long-term conditions and early diagnosis, it enables remote access to the best consultants and to training and career progression for staff and it enables improved workforce management of NHS frontline staff making better use their skills.

“This reception demonstrated that there is widespread agreement from key figure in the NHS that investment in the best possible digital technology is absolutely vital if we are going to make the most of our valuable NHS resources.”