Homelessness prevention

West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas is urging Cornwall Council to bid for a share of a £215 million fund set up to prevent homelessness.

This latest funding, from the Government’s Flexible Homelessness Support Grant programme, gives councils the freedom to invest in homelessness services that work in their area, including support to prevent someone becoming homeless in the first place.

“Homelessness is an issue in many places but here in West Cornwall, people are concerned that the problem doesn’t seem to be dealt with as quickly as it could and should be,” said Mr Thomas.

“The Government is determined to break the cycle of homelessness and I sincerely hope that Cornwall Council are bidding for as much Government money as possible.

“I am writing to Cornwall Council’s CEO and Leader suggesting that they apply for funding as a matter of urgency.

“Tackling homelessness is a complex issue. It’s not just a question of providing more accommodation as homeless people often have complex needs, so I welcome the fact that councils are being given the freedom to spend the money in the most appropriate way for their area.”

The announcement of the £215 million fund, part of a £1.2 billion investment in tackling homelessness up to 2020, comes a month before the Homelessness Reduction Act comes into force; other measures the Government is introducing include the introduction of a cross-government Homelessness Reduction Taskforce to create a new strategy to reduce homelessness with an initial focus on rough sleeping and a £9 billion investment to build more affordable housing.