Campaign to get water safety on the curriculum

Just as summer starts to make an appearance, West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas is backing a campaign to get water safety included in the UK schools National Curriculum.

A mother who lost her 13-year-old son after he went swimming in a quarry in Lancashire in 2011, has set up a petition – – in the hope that the issue will be discussed in Parliament and potentially result in a change in legislation.

On average, around 400 people drown around the UK every year and a further 200 take their own lives in UK waters.

Mr Thomas said: “Many of these deaths are preventable  and while most of our local schools include swimming as part of their curriculum, the impact of Cold Water Shock is not widely taught.

“Here in the far west of the county, we are almost completely surrounded by the sea and so I would urge everyone to go online and sign the petition.

“When the petition has been signed by 100,000 people, the issue will then be considered for a debate in the House of Commons.”