The Grenfell Tower

The Grenfell Tower fire was a terrible tragedy. We know that many lives have been lost and many others changed forever. We have some of the highest fire safety standards and fires where lives are lost are rare. Something has gone terribly wrong and the PM is right to order a full public inquiry. Whilst this fire took place in a council-owned tower block it is right to ask questions about the suitability and quality of all rental properties. Local authorities have powers to ensure properties meet a suitable living standard and Cornwall Council was successful in securing funds early last year from the Government to increase its work in this regard. What is needed is protection from ‘revenge evictions’ for tenants in private rentals when they raise a concern about their living conditions. I know from my casework tenants who do not report unsuitable living standards for fear of eviction.

The Government has been looking at how this issue can be addressed and I will press for action.

Across Great Britain thousands of people attended Great Get Together events in memory of Jo Cox killed a year ago. My family and I joined volunteers in St Just for a very enjoyable afternoon on Saturday. It was good to meet with so many people who volunteer in the community year in, year out. The Great Get Together is a fitting way to remember Jo Cox and all that she stood for. It is also a fitting way to celebrate the work that people do on behalf of our local communities.


Derek Thomas MP

For St Ives, West Cornwall and Scilly