Alcohol Labelling Event


West Cornwall MP Derek Thomas joined politicians from all parties to call for new, clear regulation on the labelling of low alcohol and alcohol-free drinks at an event hosted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Alcohol Harm.

Alcohol alternatives are increasing in popularity: UK sales of low alcohol and alcohol-free beers increased by 17% in 2017 alone and during Dry January 2018, Tesco reported that demand for low alcohol beer, wine and spirits increased by more than 100% compared to January 2017.

Mr Thomas said: “It is clear that many people are looking to reduce their alcohol intake but the way these drinks are labelled is confusing, primarily because the regulations surrounding their labelling are not clear.

“I would like the Department of Health to provide common-sense regulations around the labelling of alcohol alternative drinks, so that we can make informed choices about our health.

“More of us are taking control of our relationship with alcohol, and alcohol alternative drinks are one way to do that but for us to reap the benefits of increasing choice in adult drinks, we need new regulations that are clear, consistent, and comprehensible.”